OMG! New iPhone 7 Coming Out This Year!

OMG! New iPhone 7 Coming Out This Year!

Did you know that another iPhone is coming out this year? We can expect it to arrive in mid-September of this year.

The Apple company will begin releasing new iPhones twice a year, to help the company keep up with the ever growing and ever improving competition.

The iPhone 7 might have a 3D display, according to Economic Daily News, which claims that Apple supply chain partner TPK is working on a project that relates “naked eye 3D screen.” In other words, a screen that doesn’t require glasses to see.

There are going to be new features on the iPhone 7,  like the home button would be able to pop up on a little spring and turn into a sort of mini-joystick for playing games.

There is even going to be a wireless charging! It sounds amazing, but at the moment inductive charging has a very short range. So you wouldn’t be able to sit in your desk with your iPhone in your pocket and be able to charge with the plug several feet away.

Now you know when the new iPhone 7 is coming out and what the new features are.