Likes and Dislikes About HMS

Likes and Dislikes About HMS

We went around HMS and asked what people disliked and liked about Harvest.   


What do you like about Harvest?

*”I like the field trip at the end of the year.”-Jade Diaz

*”I like the teachers and classes.”-Aracely Avila”

*”The cookies.”-Arabella

*”I like the food.”-David

*”You can use your phone.”-Melina

*”The student store.”-Marllyn

*”Some of the food.”-Karina Duran

*”Funny people.”-Yazmin

*”I like how the school is really clean.”- Andrea


What do you dislike about Harvest?                               

* “The dress code”-Clare Garcia

*”I don’t like the classrooms.”-Morgan Lenarz

*”Everything.”-Lisbeth G.

*”Everything, especially people.”-Karina Duran

*”The milk break is too short.”-Grecia Garcia

*”I don’t like how the teachers scream at you.”-Jaquelyn T.

*”Too much homework.”-Norma Vazquez

*”Too much drama.”-Jenni L.

*”The wifi is slow.”-Juan T.

*”Not enough time to change in P.E.”-Jose W.

*”The food is nasty.”-Kate C.

*”No vending machines.”-Jane W.

*”Not enough time to eat.”-Anne H.

*”Cafeteria gets crowed.”-John A.

*”Cafeteria line is too long.”-Amber D.

*”The desks are too small.”-Kelsey F.

*”I don’t like how you only get to choose from one language.”-Josh Howe


Those are some of the things that students like and dislike about Harvest.