Harvest Celebrates Pi Day in a Week!


Kimberley Reyes Photo

A 6th grade participant in the Pi/pie eating contest searches for lifesavers with his tongue.

Pi Day is March 14, a.k.a 3.14, which are the first three digits of Pi. Pi is a series of numbers that have no end and don’t repeat. People and schools celebrate it with pie eating contest and relays and other activities all over the world.

This year is a special Pi Day because the date is 3.14.15 and the time will be 9:26:53 twice during that day. Those are the first ten digits of Pi.

To celebrate this spectacular once-in-a-century Pi Day, Harvest held a week long set of activities.

Omar Vazquez Photo
On your mark, get set, EAT…..!

On Monday, there was a pie-eating contest where students tried to find lifesavers in chocolate pie with no hands and all mouth. The winners were the eighth grade team.

On Tuesday, a hula-hooping contest took place. Students had to be the last hula-hooper standing.

Hula Hoop Pi finals!
Charlize Swindle (left) tries to take home the win for the 7th grade team.

On Thursday, students participated in a relay race balancing books on their heads and putting the Pi numbers in the correct order on a board.  The winners for the relay were again the eighth grade team.

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6th, 7th, and 8th grade Hawks competed until the last hula girl standing.

On Friday, students participated in a Pi memory recitation, trying to recite as many numbers in the infinite Pi number in the correct order as possible. This event was won by the seventh grade.

This is the first time Harvest has celebrated Pi Day for a week. Part of the reason why, is because this year Pi Day is on a Saturday.

All of the students had fun competing in the contests and watching the activities. It was a great Pi Week!