When is the iPhone 6s Coming Out?


Did you know that another iPhone is coming out? It will probably be released in September 2015 which is the same month that the iPhone 7 will come out.

The iPhone 6s will have new features like display that can wrap around the edges in a similar way to the Samsung galaxy note edge that is now the Galaxy S6 edge. The screen would extend onto the sides of the iPhone, providing interactive or touch sensitive portions that provide access to the slide-to-unlock feature, music player controls and messaging readout.

“The iPhone 6s’ camera will have a two-lens system that could help allow users to capture ‘DSLR-quality imagery’,” said John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

The iPhone 6s processor will be named A9 processor and it will have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that currently resides beneath the Home Button. For the iPhone 6s, that sensor could detect  the user’s fingerprint anywhere they are on the display or even identify multiple fingers at once. It also might be able to identify the whole palm for further security.

The iPhone 6s will even feature Apple SIM, which was first introduced with Apple’s latest batch of iPads. That means we’ll be able to choose a new network for your iPhone without changing the SIM card. Those are the new feature’s for the new iPhone 6s. So get ready for the another iPhone to come out this year.