Private vs. Public Schools

Private vs. Public Schools

Private School? Or Public School? Both are great schools, but are almost completely different. Here are some pros and cons for some people.

Private schools can sometimes give you the best education, but you’re limited to your activities, sports, and sometimes overwhelmed with homework and tests.

Public schools can be a good options, too. It helps you see the outside world and gives you opportunities to find who you really are and what you really love to do.

Private schools also usually have uniforms which are good and bad. Uniforms are way easier. You can sleep in, wake up, and wear basically the same thing everyday which is extremely easy. But, they also can limit people’s individual personality and expression of who they are and how they want to dress.

Public School: In public schools you can learn more about outside life and how the real world will be.

Yes there will be peer pressure, but it’s not like there isn’t going to be any of that when they get out of school. Why not teach kids/teens how to deal with that now?

Start from a young age to teach them not to give into anything that they don’t want to do or may not be the best choice to make. They may make the wrong decision, but that’s when they can learn from their mistakes and sometimes that is the best way to learn.

Although, public schools can also lead you away from what you believe in and what you stand for, you need to stay strong and stay who you really are, not what people label you as.

Private School: Private schools also can be great choices for you or your kids. Your education is great and it really does help you to succeed in educational purposes.

It can also put a lot of stress on you though. But since most private schools are small you can usually get the help you need.

Private schools are put together so that those kids don’t make as many big mistakes as kids in public school, but it doesn’t give you the opportunity to make the mistakes you need to in life to learn from them.

Public schools and private schools from experience are both good choices in its own special way, but it usually depends on the person and type of environment you work best in.

Also, not everyone has the opportunity or chance to try out private schools, but if you work and try hard enough you can get special scholarships and even some help in ways you can’t imagine.

Look into both, but don’t forget what your kid/you want.