NAVIANCE: Software App for the College Bound

NAVIANCE: Software App for the College Bound

On March 3 or 4th, all 8th graders went on a walking field trip or stayed at school and explored Naviance. Naviance is a computer program to help you with picking a career and getting you ready for college, and in this case high school. phone

Although some of it was a little boring, we answered questions about ourselves and watched a couple of videos. It is really important so I had to take it really serious, for all I know some people might have liked it more than me.

Though I was stuck in a room all day long, I was in the best room to be in, with Mr. Paniagua. We finished a little early so we got to watch part of a movie about a girl from Puerto Rico who only spoke Spanish when she came to the United States, but ended up making it into Harvard University.

Overall Naviance was very important, but there were so many questions!