The Honeymoon Tour


Well again, Ariana Grande is starting to tour and it’s the second part of the Honeymoon tour. There will be a VERY important special guest and that is Prince Royce.

Currently, she isn’t touring everyday, but she will soon. Lasts years tour was amazing and she planning this years tour to be spectacular. And why not? She has really great music and also who wouldn’t want to go if PRINCE ROYCE is going to be there?

I would love to go, but I have been thinking about it and am not going. Because I am a Royce fan, I am not going to pay a lot of money just to see Royce for an hour. I don’t want to offend anyone, but it’s true. Also, I will wait for the next tour and that will help me save up money for it.

Anyway, the nearest dates near here are September 6 in Sacramento, California in the Sleep Train arena and also September 8 in Mountain View in the shoreline amphitheater. The last one is in Fresno, California.

If you can, you should go see the Honeymoon tour because it is a great tour overall.