Devastating 7.6 Earthquake


aIf you thought that the Napa 6.3 earthquake was bad, then check out the 7.6 earthquake that happened on April 25th 2015. It was devastating to Nepal, bringing once great, sturdy, tall buildings down, causing fires to burn down peoples homes making them refuges, making swimming pools into giant waves and just havoc everywhere.

It was so bad that it killed almost 3,000 people where the Napa one only caused about 3. The earthquake even caused devastation in the Himalayas on Mount Everest with an avalanche. More than 200 people have been rescued but the wall of snow and ice killed and injured many more at the base camp.

The Napa earthquake injured 200 people but in the Nepal earthquake there were 6,000 people injured and still counting.

The military ground, Tundikhel Park, is now a refugee camp. An eye witness there had this to say. “Nobody has come to give us relief materials. If the government can not provide materials why is it being called a government?” The refugees can all agree on one thing and that’s that they all feel abandoned by there own government.

So we people in Napa better thank ourselves that we didn’t have such a horrible devastating disaster happen to us and ruin our homes and cause loved ones to die. All we can do for Nepal is hope there ok.