Day of the Child


At Harvest Middle School, on Saturday, April 25th, there was an event called Day of the Child. There were many activities that the kids could do.

For example, students could get henna tattoos, participate in ACE moon sand, cool paper tricks, face painting, flower making, bean bag toss, an art walk, planting, origami, making poem bracelets and IB heads up.

There was also food to eat, such as tortas, tacos, cookies and more. There was entertainment too. There were dancers and students singing from choir.

Lots of family members and friends came too. Students and teachers were happy that so many people came.

Because we are an IB school, students could participate in gardening. That was a favorite activity. People even learned new things.

Children were running everywhere with their faces painted and the adults were just talking and eating. Most took pictures with their children and what they did.

Carla Lopez, an 8th grader who went, said, “My favorite part of the event was singing for everyone.” She is in the school choir.

Kimberly Reyes, another 8th grader, said, “My favorite part of being there was seeing the dancers dance because they were so amazing.”

There was so much to eat and drink and do. It was so much fun for everyone. Students will remember all the fun things they did at Day of the Child.

Harvest is an amazing school. Everyone who went to Day of the Child had a great experience.