Custodian Loves Lowriders!

Our custodian, Pedro, collects lowriders.

Pedro is our janitor here at HMS. He is 26 years old. When he was 18, he owned a 63 impala and he sold it at the age of 21. Now he collects modeled cars like the 1981 Cadillac, 1958 Impala, 1954 Bel Air, and 1964 Impala. He has a tattoo of a 1963 Impala which is the one he had. He also has the has a tattoo of the Impala logo. We also asked him a few questions and here they are:

Q: When did you start your collection?

A: I started when I was in 4th grade.

Q: Why did you start collecting lowriders?

A: I started my collection because everyone in my neighborhood had their own collecti0n and I wanted to do that too.

Q: What’s your favorite lowrider?

A: My favorite lowrider is the 1963 Impala because I like the style and because it’s the closest style to the 1964 Impala which is the most popular.

Q: Why did you get your tattoos?

A: Because I always wanted tattoo’s since I was young. (He got his low rider tattoos when he was 19.)

HMS has a cool janitor because he’s fun to be around and is also really funny. He’s very “chill” because when he’s passing by he takes the time to talk to the kids.  We’re very lucky to have a really awesome janitor here at HMS.