Custodian Loves Lowriders!

Our custodian, Pedro, collects lowriders.

Pedro is our janitor here at HMS. He is 26 years old. When he was 18, he owned a 63 impala and he sold it at the age of 21. Now he collects modeled cars like the 1981 Cadillac, 1958 Impala, 1954 Bel Air, and 1964 Impala. He has a tattoo of a 1963 Impala which is the one he had. He also has the has a tattoo of the Impala logo. We also asked him a few questions and here they are:

Q: When did you start your collection?

A: I started when I was in 4th grade.

Q: Why did you start collecting lowriders?

A: I started my collection because everyone in my neighborhood had their own collecti0n and I wanted to do that too.

Q: What’s your favorite lowrider?

A: My favorite lowrider is the 1963 Impala because I like the style and because it’s the closest style to the 1964 Impala which is the most popular.

Q: Why did you get your tattoos?

A: Because I always wanted tattoo’s since I was young. (He got his low rider tattoos when he was 19.)

HMS has a cool janitor because he’s fun to be around and is also really funny. He’s very “chill” because when he’s passing by he takes the time to talk to the kids. ¬†We’re very lucky to have a really awesome janitor here at HMS.