Students React to Strange Creatures!


September 17,2015 I, Natalia Sanchez interviewed 3 people. By interview I mean them reacting to Strange Creatures! It was super fun but, it was difficult I had to grab my computer and show them the 3 photos.Their reactions were funny! The 3 people I interviewed were Anthony Mora, Larissa Contreras, and Celeste O’Brien.


When I showed Anthony Mora , Larissa Contreras, and Celeste O’Brien these 3 photos of  creatures. Some people like Celeste and Larissa freaked out a bit. Anthony on the other hand… thought they were cool. Things Celete said were “EW EWW” , “WHAT?!?”.

I asked her 3 questions the first was “Why do you think I showed you this today?” Her reply was “Because your mad..”

The second  question was “What would you do if one of these creatures showed up in your house?” Her answer was “Kill it or call animal control”

The third question was “If you were to show or tell people about these creatures what would their reaction be?” Her answer was “Scared”. I asked the same 3 questions to Larissa Contreras.Her answer for the first one was “To ruin my childhood” The second answer “Grab the chancla and hit it” Third answer was “Cry” Anthony’s answers were “To make us sick”, “Burn my house down”, “Frightened”.

Thanks for reading!


First Animal I Showed.
Third Animal I Showed.