How Long Does it Take You to Get Ready in the Morning?


  How long does it take you to get ready on school mornings? We interviewed a couple of students and teachers to find out how long it takes them to get ready.

   They told us about their morning routine and why they chose this routine. We noticed that the teachers and students have very similar morning routines.

   We first asked everyone about the approximate time they wake up on school mornings, and what time they leave their house.  The students responded that they wake up about 6:30 and leave around 7:45. Ms. Davis, seventh grade Individuals and Societies  teacher,  said that she wakes up at 5:30 and leaves at around 7.

  We then asked what their morning routine is like. Timmy, a student, said, “I wake up, shower, eat breakfast and then I leaves for school”.

Ms. Zorn, a seventh grade Language and Literature teacher, responded that her morning routine is hitting the snooze alarm clock once or twice, brushing her teeth, then doing her hair and makeup. After that she eats and goes to school.

We asked all how long do each of these things take. For Timmy it takes three minutes to wake up, ten minutes for a shower and ten minutes for breakfast. Ms. Zorn said, “It takes about ten minutes to get out of bed, five minutes to care for my teeth and thirty minutes for hair and makeup”.

   The next question was, is your routine strict or loose? To that everyone responded “very loose”. “For instance, sometimes I do my hair before my makeup or vice versa”, responded Ms.Zorn.

   We also asked everyone if they spend any time in the morning preparing for class. Both Ms.Davis and Celeste said “yes”. But Ms.Zorn and Timmy said “no”.

  We also found out that they all get to school by car.

Are your morning routines anything like theirs? Leave a comment.