2015 Dance Poll!

As summer rolls into fall and the school year starts, we begin to see new and old friends and what better way to socialize than at a dance. This got me to thinking. Why not do a behind the scenes story of the school dance!

I gathered interview questions and set off to Language and Literature teacher Ms. Zorn’s room. I asked her three questions: Are there any dances coming up, why do we do dances and how many dances will there be in the year? But I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for.

“The Valentine’s dance is the soonest one we’re sure about, but we hope to do more before,” Ms. Zorn said.

I decided to look at it from a different perspective. Why not do a poll on the students of Harvest? I went up to 20 girls and boys during milk break and lunch and asked them each two questions: what music do you enjoy at school dances and will you be attending the next school dance?

One student, Natalia Sanchez, a 7th grader at Harvest said that she liked to listen to pop songs at the dances and she would most likely be attending the dance.

The results are in and pop music was the most popular choice for our school dances with half of the votes. Second place was hip-hop with five votes. As for the attendance of the dance, yes and maybe tied with 10 votes each! Looks like we’ll have a pretty big turn-out for the dance!