Female Skateboarders at HMS

Female Skateboarders at HMS

   Skateboarding was first invented in California during the 1950s. Skateboarding was created so that surfers could “sidewalk surf” when there were no waves, as it was when surfing was very popular. When skateboarding was new people would take wooden boxes and boards and attach wheels to the bottoms. As it became more popular metal wheels were used, then companies made clay wheels and trucks that are better for skating during the 60s. No one knows who exactly created the first skateboard. Different people have claimed that the idea was theirs but none of it can be proven. 



   Everyone hears about the guy skaters at HMS but what about the girls? I interviewed three of the female skaters at HMS; Alex Herrera, Patricia Rubio, and Charlize Swindle.

   Alex rides a nickel board. Patricia and Charlize Ride trick boards. They all ride after school, when they have free time, and at Patricia’s house.

IMG_4956 (1)
(Names Left to Right) Patricia, Taylor, Alex, Charlize. Picture Taken By: Emma Lopez

“Its fun!” -Alex Herrera

“It gets me places faster.” -Charlize Swindle

  When they ride they mostly go downtown to the skate park or starbucks. Also when they ride Alex, Patricia, and Charlize all kick with their right foot, and if you don’t know what that means, it means that you put your left foot on the board and push/kick with your right.

(Names Left to Right) Patricia, Taylor, Alex, Charlize. Picture Taken By: Valerie Balilo


“Cause I can.”-Patricia Rubbio 

   Hopefully female skateboarders get even more recognized by this article. Alex, Charlize, Patricia are great friends of mine and I’m proud to write this article about them and how they can help change future female skateboarders. 

   In the future I hope that more girls will try/become skateboarders.