Teacher Couples At HMS

Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez both work here at Harvest.

Bertha Gallegos Photo

Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez both work here at Harvest.

How many teacher couples are at HMS? Two, Mr. and Mrs.Lewis and Mr and Mrs.Jimenez. We interviewed the two couples with some questions. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have been teaching together since 1998! Mr.and Mrs.Jimenez though haven’t been teaching for a year together.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. Hannah Newman Photo

Q:Have there ever been complications with you teaching at the same school?

A: Mr,and Mrs.Lewis said,”Its only frustrating or complicated when we are at home and we keep going on and on about school work that we bring home.” Mr.and Mrs.Jimenez on the other hand said, “That they respect each other so there isn’t any complications because they help each other out.”

Q: Do You enjoy working at the same school?

A: When we asked all the teachers their answers were all similar Mr,and Mrs.Jimenez said “that they love working at Harvest and it’s very fun.”Mr.and Mrs.Lewis said “They enjoy working at Harvest and it’s really .”

Q: Have you ever taught at different schools before Harvest Middle School?

A:Mr.and Mrs.Jimenez have taught at different schools.Mrs.Jimenez taught at a preschool in Chico. Mrs.Lewis and Mr.Lewis have been teaching together since 1998,they stared off teaching at a high school in Vallejo then they ended up teaching at Silverado Middle School and when Harvest opened up they both came here.

Q:Do you think that students at HMS know you teach at the same school?

A:When we asked Mr,and Mrs.Lewis they said that they think most seventh graders probably don’t but most eighth graders do.even thought Mr.Lewis like to joke around with his kids that there brother and sister! Mr.Mrs.Jimenez said that only a couple of students would know but the majority wouldn’t know.

How many of you knew we had so many teacher couples?