Teenage couples

Teenage couples

Should teenagers date? Well there is a good side and a bad side about teenagers dating at a young age.

Let’s look at the good side first, that it’s okay for teenagers to date because as teenagers you should start getting to meet people and learn how not everybody is the same. Also teenage couples are okay as long as they have respect for each other, and follow their parent’s rules.

Some teachers are OK that its good thing. Ms. Covito ¬†said, “I remember when I had my first boyfriend in the 7th grade. We talked a lot on the phone”.

But let’s also look at the bad side. The bad side is that teens move too fast and they feel a lot of pressure about taking the “second step”.

Ms. Zorn said, “I remember when I was a teen and you liked some one and they liked you back. It can be fun, but it’s like you are growing up too fast so it’s better to stay as friends”.

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