Unusual jobs

Unusual jobs

A lot of adults have jobs.Some teenagers might also get jobs to get more money.Some of these jobs are common like working  at a restaurant.Others aren’t as common but still pretty normal.But there are always those jobs that are strange and unusual. I will list some of the weirder jobs.(These are my opinions so you may not find some of these unusual but these are the jobs I think are unusual)


If you don’t know what an embalmer is then let me explain.An embalmer is used to preserve a dead body so that they can be shown in public or used for medical and scientific practices.It pays surprisingly well though.It pays 43,680$ a year



2.Hot dog vendor

This one might not be as weird but its here for a reason. Seriously who wants to stand outside all day selling hot dogs and standing in the sun.Unless you bring an umbrella and a chair.It pays sorta well.You can get 30,ooo to 100,000.But depending on sales you might not get that high.

3.Personal shopper

A personal shopper is somebody who either accompany somebody or shop for somebody.I didn’t even know this was an actual job.I just thought you would do this for a friend if their car broke down or some other reason.It pays 25,000 to 100,ooo+ a year.Just for buying groceries.


4.Ice cream taster(food scientist)

This one is a really weird yet awesome.Almost everybody loves ice cream and who doesn’t want to eat it for a living.But then again they might have you taste some really bad flavors.But as long as I get to eat ice cream I can enjoy this job.

5.Virtual head hunter

Although the name may sound confusing it is actually not that unusual.A head hunter is somebody who interviews people for a company.A virtual head hunter is somebody who interviews people through the internet.Its not that unusual.The amount of money you earn is 250$ to 10,000$. I unfortunately couldn’t find a picture for this one


That is all for this count down so have a good one and stay cool my friends.