Cynthia Baxter, an author for all age murder mysteries.

A few weeks ago I had the unique privilege to meet Cynthia. She had come to my uncle’s vineyard to take a tour. I thought, what a perfect opportunity to make a story!

Cynthia Baxter was born and grew up on long island New York. She moved to New York city for a business job and wrote books as a hobby. When she sent one of her books to the editors, they wanted to publish it. She has lived on Long Island for 30 years (the location the vet lives in the story).

“I write the way I talk” says Cynthia during her interview

Cynthia Baxter came to visit our vineyard and I got to interview her.

Aspen Hendry photo
Cynthia Baxter came to visit our vineyard and I got to interview her.

In the first book Jessica a veterinarian is having a bad day and it turns horrible when she becomes involved in a murder. After this she feels like it is her job to find out who murdered Tommy Frank and why. Read how she find clues, gets threatened and has to deal with her ex-boyfriend.

Cynthia has written 53 awesome books over her life. She really likes to write comedy which is fun for her. It was great for me to be able to meet and interview this incredible author. I would rate her first book “Dead Canaries don’t Sing” a 9.5 on a scale from 1 to 10. It was a great read. Please comment below if you have also heard of her or think that her books seem like an interesting read.

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