How Far Have Video Games Advanced?


Many people don’t know that video games started in 1958. The first video game was called Pong, s very simplistic sports arcade game. pong

Fast forward to 2015 and we have advanced technology with real looking graphics. We are able to play video games in 4k, which is four times 1080p.

One of the most popular video games is the Call of Duty franchise, which holds championships for a chance to win thousand of dollars. The best clans compete  against each other in different game modes.

Faze clan and Optic clan are the most well known clans, and the best clans the are rivals in MLG and in cod champs.

Another first person shooter franchise is Battlefield. It’s the same type of game as Call of Duty, but the maps are bigger and the larger servers are what make it a better game. Counter Strike is also a first person shooter, but with a selection of skins for guns and case openings so you could get guns or a knife. If you’re lucky then you go gamble and hopefully get lots of money for what you got and play with friends in matches and servers.

Faze clan won  the s3 finals 8-2  against Optic on 9/19/2015.  Faze walked away with 40,000 dollars and the title as best team in s3 MLG Call of duty advanced warfare.

Most people that play Call of Duty try to hit what people call trickshots, and it is obviously inspired by the Faze clan because they are very good at it.

Racing games also have a huge franchise because people love racing in games and in real life.

Games that soccer players love are the Fifa franchise. Fifa is a game pretty much about soccer with card openings so you can get better players on your team..

Gamers everywhere are hyped about Ark coming out for ps4 next year some people are even predicting for it to be this year. But the official release date still has not came out, so we really don’t know.

Everybody can’t wait for the release of the new Pokemon mobile game. The trailer probably shows some detail of the game but we really can’t wait to see how it turns out.

So let’s go back to the Faze clan…their sponsors are Scufgaming who have made a type of controller that people can trickshot easily.


                                   AND THAT CONCLUDES THE GAMING ORIGINS.