The Evolution of Soccer

 Image by © Sandro

© Sandro Vannini/CORBIS

Image by © Sandro

Soccer is one of my favorites sports that I play right now and it’s a really fun sport to play. You guys should try it you’ll love it.

Soccer started in England. They started playing with a hard leather ball and hard leather work boots with cleats on the bottom that weren’t that comfortable.

In soccer they play with 11 people on the field including the goalie . There are a lot of positions for you to play  like defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

Image result for soccer picsToday, there are soccer teams with nice uniforms and good soccer balls and super cool cleats, but in soccer you don’t need the best soccer cleats to score goals or be the best. The shoes are not what make you best, it is practicing every day that’s how you can get better .

U.S. soccer is big today. The FIFA organization governs most levels of soccer in the world, including the national teams, professional leagues, and the amateur game, with the exception of college and high school soccer.

With over 13 million Americans playing soccer in the United States, soccer is the third most played team sport in the U.S., behind only basketball and baseball/softball.

Some well known soccer leagues are the FA Premier league: Manchaster United , Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

Another well know soccer league is the La Liga, that includes popular Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

There is also a soccer team in HMS, but I never joined it because I play in a club outside of school. The HMS soccer team has a A team (that means its their top team) and a B team. test2

A lot of students join the HMS soccer team, 30 students joined this year. In the middle school jamboree this year they lost against Silverado but won against Redwood . The HMS soccer teams are usually pretty good.