Malala Field Trip Preview

On October 14 the whole 8th grade class is going to attend the new movie; He Named me Malala.

The movie is a documentary about a 17 year old girl that stands up for girls right to have an education.

I think that the movie is going to make people think differently about woman’s education and how they should appreciate that they were handed education to them from birth.

Also that people like Malala would get shot and then keep fighting for girls education in Pakistan. I also believe that this documentary will give others around the world inspiration to stand up for what they think should be changed in their community.

Valerie Balilo a Staff Writer will write an after the movie article to tell you what she felt and learned about the movie shortly after the 8th grade field trip.

Link to Malala Google Presentation:



Information about when and who made the movie, also some reviews: 

The new movie He named me Malala got released October 2, 2015. The movie was directed by Davis Guggenhiem and produced by Laurie Macdonald, Davis Guggenhiem and Walter Parkes.

    Music composed by Tomas Newman. Movie distributor: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Critic Reviews:

(These reviews have links to more of the review of the movie)