HMS Goes To Catalina

Students from two Napa middle schools participate in week long science field trip

“In 1542, it has been said the Native Americans lived on Catalina Island. People have been  living on Catalina for 8000 years.”

On September 27,  students from Harvest and Redwood Middle Schools met to get on a bus to Catalina Island, California. We drove for 8-9 hours and stopped for breakfast at McDonalds and Starbucks along the way.

Finally, we made it to the dock, and then waited for the boat for 45 minutes. After this we got on the boat for another two hours.

When we got there they explained the procedures and rules on the island to keep everyone safe. After this half of the group went snorkeling and everyone else went kayaking, which you can see with the video and pictures that were taken.

“Snorkeling was the most exhilarating thing I’ve done in my life,” said Mr. Fajardo.  

The next day we did the activities that the other groups did the first day. We did various other activities throughout the week. Some of theses activities were high ropes, hiking, marine labs and a squid dissection.  

“Snorkeling was fun!” said Koby Leeman

While we were doing labs we got to look through microscopes at different types of plankton, press seaweed, touch sharks and rays and do many other things. We also got to kayak three miles to this beach were we got to eat lunch, tan and swim.

“It was a new fun experience!” said Liliana Valle

The last day of the trip we got to have a campfire. We started the campfire with Aidan Ramblas and Cole Brown singing the National Anthem, and followed this with skits performed by the students. After that we all got to roast s’mores.

“Catalina was really fun.” said Blaine Oliver

Although Catalina was a fun and great place one student did not like the food?

Austin Michie said the “food was burnt.”


Interview With Mr. Fajardo


Recently, Harvest Middle School students and Redwood students went to the beautiful Catalina Island off the coast of Long Beach, CA in Los Angeles. However, the lucky students weren’t alone. They had a few teachers go with them as well, like Individuals and Societies teacher Mr. Fajardo. We decided to interview him at milk break on his overall experience at Catalina. Here is the interview!:

Q: Was this your first time going to Catalina? 

A: “Yes, it was awesome!

Q: What was your overall review of the field trip?

A: “Well, personally it was a once in a lifetime experience because I’m not much of an ocean guy. And since we went snorkeling and kayaking so it was pretty cool.”

Q: What was your favorite activity?

A: “My favorite activity was the night snorkel because I got to see the bioluminescence in the water.”

Q: What was your least favorite activity?

A: “If I had to choose, my least favorite activity would be the high ropes course because it was a little scary.”

Q: Would you go next year?

A: “Yes, I would definitely go next year.”

Q: Do you wish you were still there?

A: “No, I don’t wish I was still there because I wouldn’t want to be on an island for a long time.”

It looks like he really enjoyed the experience and I’m sure everybody else who went did too!