Canada vs USA


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USA and Canada Flags

As some of you probably know I am from Montreal(part of Quebec) in Canada. I moved here a couple months ago and I have noticed many differences between these two countries. Here are a few,

Money: In Quebec we have loonies and toonies. which are 1$ and 2$ coins. The US uses paper money and Canada has plastic covered bills.

Government: Prime minister or president?

Sports: Most popular sport is hockey and here is soccer and swimming.

Language: Main language is french in Quebec . Here is Spanish/English.

Area: Canada, 3.855 million sq miles. US, 3.806 million sq miles.

Population: 318.9 million and the Canada is 35.16 million.

Food: In Quebec poutine and maple syrup is very popular.


Maple Syrup

Temperature: Can get to -40 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and high of 79 and low of 61 in Quebec. USA is 30.3°F in winter.