Paranormal Activity at HMS

November 1, 2015

Paranormal Activity at HMS

Have you ever wondered about the things no one will believe like a ghost sighting or activity. Well don’t worry you’re not crazy. Here is a list of teachers and students at Harvest who have claimed to see paranormal activity:

  1. This was in the end of September, I was in classroom E-11 and we were all working on a project, everybody was busy because there was only a short time period. As soon as every thing calmed down we had a tech time break. We where hanging out but every one was talking and being loud but no one was paying attention to the trashcan TIPPED AND FELL OVER!!!!!! Then there was more, no one was by the trashcan window open  can so how could it have tipped over. But then i saw it the trash that fell over started unfolding. There was there was no one by the trash can and until today no body knows what happened. BUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  2.       This is the story of the ghost bird this really happened. It was milk break and I was going up to the quad and there where these 3 birds and 2 where chasing the one with food and then it escaped the two and it landed on the cement and then it just DISSAPPEARED. It didn’t fly away or any thing it just dissappeared and i could see then food in his mouth but it was floating. Then the bird re-appeared.
  3.  The Day of the picture. Today I literally just saw this. I was looking for inspiration and I saw the Nor-Cal poster and the bear on the picture MOVED!!!. From his nose on the left side and then he literally turned his body all the way around then back to his original position.
  4.    This was on one of the first days of school and I was walking to the bathroom and it was really bright outside, like more than usual.  So anyway, I was walking to the bathroom and when I got in it was quiet and isolated so nobody was there. And then all of a sudden it got really dark and the lights turned off and there was loud breathing. So I sprinted out of there and into the daylight. I thought the darkness was the clouds but when I was out side there where no clouds for  miles and none of them could have blocked the sun. So again I was wondering what happened and what the breathing was and how the lights turned off. But it should remain a mystery.

2 Responses to “Paranormal Activity at HMS”

  1. Hailey de Lorimier on November 2nd, 2015 8:27 am

    Wow. well, im never going to look at the bathrooms the same.

  2. tny on January 21st, 2016 8:41 am

    me too @juliansilverthorne

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