8 D.I.Y. Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of year: Halloween is coming up soon! If you have a costume, that’s great! If you don’t have a costume and you need one fast, I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for you to use.  If you already have a costume, you can use these ideas for next year! Enjoy!

1. A UNICORN: All you need is a tutu of any color, a white shirt, and shoes of choice. Next, you need a small sized piece of construction paper, (the same color of your tutu), roll it up like a cone, get a headband (preferably the same color as your hair), hot glue the cone you made on the headband, make sure you add glitter on your cone because after all these steps, you are officially a UNICORN!

2. A SCARECROW: All you need is an old pair of blue jeans, a plaid shirt, cowboy boots,( or Converse), a straw hat and black and orange face paint.

3. CANDY CORN: If your looking for a simple costume, you can be a candy corn! All you need is a white beanie, yellow shirt, orange pants and orange shoes. (Optional: paint your face white!)

4. WHERE IS WALDO?: Here’s another simple and cute costume, to be Waldo, you will need a red and white striped shirt, a red and white striped beanie, black pants, black suspenders, red Converse and a camera. For his beanie you can buy it with the little red ball on top or, make it more DIY like and buy a little red fuzzy ball and super glue it to the top of the beanie. To top off the look you will need his glasses! Just pop out the lenses of 3D glasses. And you are now Waldo!

5. ROSIE THE RIVETER: To be Rosie the Riveter, you will need blue jeans, a denim shirt that you can roll up, a red bandana and shoes of any color. To tie off the look, put on red lipstick. There you go you are Rosie the Riveter!

6. A MIME: To be a mime, you will need a black and white striped shirt, black suspenders, black pants/jeans, a black fedora or a French hat, white gloves, shoes of choice and white face paint and red lipstick ( lipstick is optional). Paint your face all white and put on the red lipstick (optional) and you’re a mime! Remember. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING but Trick or Treat!

7. ERROR 404: COSTUME NOT FOUND!: For a clever and super simple costume, be an Error 404! All you need is jeans, shoes of choice, and a white t-shirt. Write “ERROR 404: COSTUME NOT FOUND” on the white shirt and your done!

8. THE COOKIE MONSTER: All you need for this one is clothing that is all blue, blue shoes and a bag or box of chocolate chip cookies. Walk around and munch on the cookies and there you go, you are the one and only COOKIE MONSTER!

I hope you enjoyed these 8 DIY Halloween costume ideas! Have fun with them! Happy Halloween!