Halloween Parade Preview 2015


What are you expecting for this years Halloween Parade at HMS?

1: Will you be attending the Halloween Parade this year?

Celeste: “Yes, I will be attending”

Anthony: “Yea, DUH!”

Gaby:” Maybe I’m not to sure.”

Larissa:” Yes yes yes! 100% yes!!”

2: Will you be coming to school this upcoming Wednesday in your costume?

Celeste: “Maybe It depends on how I  feel that day.”

Anthony: “Yes! I know your afraid of clowns so this will fun!”

Gaby: ”Yes, That is my final answer for that question!”

Larissa: “Yes I am super excited to come to school in my costume!”

3:What is your costume going to be?

Celeste: “I am going to be a 50’s girl, ya know the ones with the poodles on their skirts.”

Anthony: “Clown/Devil so something scary, especially for you. *evil laugh*”

Gaby: “I’m going to be a Cute Pirate Girl!”

Larissa: “I am either going to be a 60’s girl because I already have the hair, or Cleopatra.”

4:What’s you overall expectation of the Halloween Parade at HMS?

Celeste: “It should be fun to get  into the spirit of Halloween!”

Anthony: ” I feel like it’s going to be super fun!!”

Gaby: ” I also think it’s going to be fun!”

Larissa:” FREEEE  CANDYYYY!!!”



Thank you Gaby Lopez, Anthiny Mora, Larissa Contreras, Celeste O’Brien for answering my questions for this story! Also a special thanks to Celeste O’Brien for helping me write this story!