What kids want for Christmas this year

With all of the new tech and next generation items coming out, we all are thinking about Christmas this year. And with Christmas right around the corner, we should be thinking about gifts.

All of these next gen consoles are coming out with new content and updates, like ios 9.0.2 is already out and is great for any i phone 5 and up. And everyone is talking about Black Ops 3 for the Ps4 and the X-Box 1. The new software update for Alien ware computers will be coming out and will make the computer 10 times better. The hover board is very popular these days and im pretty sure many people want to try one or buy one, the hover boards cost a lot, the lowest cost for one is 250 dollars with free shipping and handling if bought online.  Here are some children and staff picks for Christmas at HMS

  • Drawling supplies
  • Phone, Phone cases, earbuds, charger
  • Ps4, X-Box1,  Alienware computer
  • Clothes, Makeup, Shoes, sunglasses, scarf, purse
  • Kendama, Pokemon

That short list was from students at HMS. Now this is what Mrs Jones thinks students at HMS want for Christmas

  • Computer,Shoes, Kendamas,
  • more sleep
  • Better school lunches

  • soda machines across campus
  • Mr Paniagua said “Only the new phones, such as the i phone 6, samsung galaxy 6,and the new note 5.
  • What do you want for Christmas  this year?