Horoscope Meanings

Horoscope Meanings

Your horoscope can tell you what your birthday can bring you in future wise. Also it tells you what your year can end up like.

Aries; Mar 21 – April 19  (Ram)
Taurus; Apr 20 – May 20  (Bull)

Gemini; May 21 – Jun 20  (Twins)
Cancer; Jun 21 – Jul 22  (Crab)

Leo; Jul 23 – Aug 22  (Lion)
Virgo; Aug 23 – Sep 22  (Virgin Lady)
Libra; Sep 23 – Oct 22  (Scales)
Scorpio; Oct 23 – Nov 21  (Scorpion)
Sagittarius; Nov 22 – Dec 21  (Arrow)
Capricorn; Dec 22 – Jan 19  (Goat)
Aquarius; Jan 20 – Feb 18  (Vase)
Pisces; Feb 19 – Mar 20  (Fish)

Horoscope December 2015

   Between innovative proposals and solutions, which could help us out of the current turmoil, not to say deadlock on a social, political and human scale, and the conflict of interest between nations and peoples, we will probably have some difficulty in ending an extremely momentous year on a high note, to say nothing of peace. We should focus, however, on everyone’s goodwill and growing individual awareness to succeed in inspiring our leaders and everyone collectively, leading them (at Christmas?) to abandon the warpath and do all we can to raise the level of debate. A difficult aim to achieve but not impossible!