Music with Mr. Day



  PROFILE:  Mr. Day Strings/Band/Choir

Mr. Day has been teaching at HMS for two years.  He has a long history with music. He has played percussion since seventh grade band and continued playing music in high school.  He also studied composing and continues playing musical instruments in college.

When Mr. Day had to start thinking about a career in music, he was interested in teaching students from his own experience of playing bass.

Lena Demsky, a student in Mr. Days eighth period strings at Harvest was kind enough to share her music life with us. Lena plays violin and bass. She’s been playing violin since she was three and bass since the summer of 2015. Her favorite song to play is the Pirates of the Caribbean and enjoys playing violin more than bass.

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Elliot Surh, another student in Mr. Days strings class just plays violin. Elliot has been playing violin since he has six and likes playing music from the romantic era.

Marley Lester, and eighth grade student, enjoys playing violin and bass. However, she enjoys bass more. Marley has been playing violin since third grade and she has only been playing bass for about two months. Marley likes bass mainly because, “No matter how you play it, it sounds good.”

Hayden Ross is in Mr. Day’s second period band at HMS. Hayden is in 7th grade and has been playing the trumpet for four years. Hayden enjoys Mr. Day’s class so much that he will be taking it again next year.

Valrie Balilo and Bertha Gallegos are in Mr. Day’s choir class. They both sing soprano. they both also has been singing in choir for two years and enjoys it immensely. Valerie loves to sing every day.

Mr. Day has lived in Napa his whole life.