Bus Goes into Ditch with HMS Students


On December 11, 32 kids were being transported from Harvest Middle School to Browns Valley Elementary. The driver who was transporting them was named Jaquida C. Parker of Vallejo.

The driver was not familiar with the area so she took the wrong turn and then a student told her that she had gone the wrong way.

She then got on the intercom and said, “Sorry I missed your turn, guys”.  We then drove approximately a mile down the road.  Everyone thought she should have gone further. However, she started to turn the bus diagonally along the road.  I then yelled everyone buckle up everyone started panicking.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.25.14 AM

 As the bus driver put it in reverse, she backed up too far and ran the bus into a ditch. She started revving the engine and you could smell it. Everyone started yelling at her to stop, so she got on the intercom and said we we’re not stuck. However, we did not move.

Haley Geary, an eighth grader, said, “It was one of the most scariest experiences in my life”.

Eventually the bus driver gave up and I then opened the emergency door and helped everyone out.  The bus driver looked scared. We all wondered why.

Ms. Gould, a 7th grade English teacher at HMS, was driving home and noticed the bus. Students were very happy that Ms. Gould was there and she started making phone calls.  She then told me to call 911 and then the police arrived.

One officer started speaking to her.  The officer could smell alcohol on her breath. It turned out she was intoxicated. In the end, the bus driver, Jaquida C. Parker, was charged with multiple counts of child endangerment along with a DUI.