Why War?

What would it be like to live in constant fear? Not knowing when the next bombings will be, or even if the person sitting next to you will be there tomorrow. Having your family and friends in danger every second of the day in danger? Just hoping it will end. That is what it is like to live in a war. As of 2016 there are ten ongoing wars.

The traditional definition of a war is when two parties or groups use an an armed force and it results in at least 25 deaths as a result of battle. World War One caused 38 million people to be wounded or die. The latter being 11 million military personnel and  7 million citizens. World War Two caused the death of 60 million people. About 108 million people have been killed in the Twentieth Century as result of war.

Only eleven countries are currently are peace and 151 are involved in a form of military conflict. Do you ever wonder if the results expected from the defeat of the other party are worth it, or do the number of deaths and lives changed forever outweigh them. What is your opinion? Comment below to share your thoughts.                                                       Image result for world war 1