Brain Drain – What is the Hardest Class at Harvest?

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We visited some of Harvest’s elective classes to interview a mixture of seventh and eighth grade students to ask them, “What is their hardest class?” We did this to find out which classes students were struggling in the most.

The informal results after we interviewed a total of 60 students were that math was the class that kids seemed to struggle with the most with more than half of the votes to prove it, with science and Spanish not far behind, they left the other classes in the dust.

We interviewed some teachers to ask them why they think math seems to be so difficult for students.

Mrs. Zorn: “This generation has been proven to have a hard time with math.”

Mr. Meeks: “Because there are very specific steps and there are either right or wrong answers.”

Mr. Lewis: “Math doesn’t have a lot of room for error. You can’t miss a step! Some kids think they can’t do it because it is too hard, and they compare there selves to others.”

We then asked the same question of some of the students we interviewed.

Hannah Newman: “Because of the new way they teach math.”

Yliana Perez: “Math has always been my hardest class.”

Logan Reynolds: “I’ve never been very good at math.”


Favorite Classes at Harvest – by Zoe Simotas

A quick unscientific survey of Harvest students and what their favorite classes are:



Language and Literature:9

Individuals and Society:8



Tech design:8


Strings: 2



Teachers assistant:2







As you may have noticed, P.E. is the most popular by quite a bit, so I asked people why they liked gym so much, here is what they had to say:

“You don’t sit”-Ulisses Cruz.

“It’s just so much fun”-Emma Lopez.

“I get to play my favorite sports with my friends”-Hayden Ross.

I also asked a couple teachers why they thought P.E. was students’ favorite class.

“People like to active and social and not get in trouble for talking”-Mr.Lewis (Math).

“When people work out they get their endorphins working which makes people happy”-Ms.Zorn.