Most Popular Music Genres at HMS

Most Popular Music Genres at HMS

Music is a very popular thing students at all Middle Schools listen to, but is there a most popular music genre? Our news team went around Harvest Middle School and interviewed different students on their favorite music genres that they listen too.

Country: 1

Pop: 6

Rock: 4

Hip Hop: 2

Electronic: 1

RNB: 3

Rap: 2

Screamo: 1

Dubstep: 1

After interviewing different students, the top most popular music genre was Pop. Coming in second place for favorite music genre is Rock. Third place is RNB. Forth place is Hip Hop and Rap. Fifth place is Country, Electronic, Dubstep, and Screamo. These are the favorite music genres.

Then, we went around interviewing students on their favorite bands.

Imagine Dragons: 4

Twenty One Pilots: 2

Fireman- 1

Taylor Swift- 4

Fetty Wap- 1

Breston Tiller- 1

Becky G.- 1

Kehlane- 1

M&M- 1

KDcootie- 1

5 Seconds of Summer- 1

After the interviews, Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift tied for first place with 4 votes, Twenty One Pilots came in second place with 2 votes, and Fireman, Fetty Wap, Breston Tiller, Becky G., Kehlane, M&M, KDcootie, and 5 Seconds of Summer tied for third place with 1 vote.  These are the favorite music bands.