The Life of a Teacher… After they get out of School!

The Life of a Teacher... After they get out of School!

We all know what we do as students after school; usually homework, eat, sleep, watch T.V and much more. However, most of us don’t know what our teachers do after school.

A news team recently found ten Harvest teachers and interviewed them on what they do after school gets out. Here is what they had to say:

Ms. Zorn- Language and Literature Teacher: “It varies. First, I usually shoo all of my students out of my classroom. Then I drive home and I normally takes about 40 minutes to get home. Then, I probably eat and work a little.”

Mr. Meeks- Design Cycle Teacher: “I usually take my daughter home, then I eat and I also teach martial arts 2 nights a week.”

Ally- Social Worker: ” Well, first I drive to Sonoma and then I hopefully go for a run. After that I take care of my bunny Harold. Then I usually make dinner and watch a show on T.V.”

Mr. Fajardo- Individuals and Societies Teacher: “I stay after class and grade then I drive home and cook dinner. After that I normally watch some T.V and read with the occasional run.”

Ms. Fleming- Science Teacher: “First I decide which meetings I should go to since I have a lot after school. Then I pick up my 6th grade daughter and cook dinner with her. And then I watch some T.V.”

Ms. Gould- Language and Literature Teacher: “First, I finish cleaning the classroom and then I drive home around 5 and have a cup of tea. Then I normally play with my dogs and grade assignments and things like that.”

AJ- Classroom Helper and ACE Staff Member: “Well, I usually get off of work around 6 and I go home and get dinner. Then I play with my pets and I walk my dog. After that I do some homework and then go to bed.”

Ms. Fernandez- Spanish Teacher: “I work out a little then I prepare my lesson plans for the next day and eat dinner. After that I normally fall asleep watching T.V.”

Mr. Paniagua- 8th Grade Language and Literature Teacher and Journalism Teacher: “I go home and feed my dog and start dinner. Then, after my wife gets home, I have dinner with her. Sometimes, I watch T.V or a movie with the occasional Warriors game. Then I read for an hour.”

Mr. Drey- Special Ed Teacher: “When I get out of work, I go and coach baseball at Vintage and after that I normally go home and grade papers.”

Well, there you go! Now you know what 10 of the Harvest teachers do after school. Comment down below if you can relate to any of these teachers!