10 Strange Foods around the World

Around the world there are some very strange foods people eat. These foods may not seem very appetizing to you, but for others they are delicious.  These foods include…


1.Decomposed Shark: Romans in Iceland bury sharks for several months. Then extract them from the ground,

and slice them into strips to dry


2.Century Eggs: The chinese people preserve hard boiled eggs for a few months. This turns the egg dark green and brown.


Image result for black ivory coffee

3.Black Ivory Coffee: In Thailand, coffee beans are fed to elephants. When pooped out a scavenger plucks out the beans and brews the coffee.


4.Crickets: Around the world people snack on different variations of crickets.


5.Crispy Tarantulas: They are from Cambodia and are served with lime and pepper sauce.


6.Wasp Crackers: These interesting crackers are found in Japan. They are basically biscuits filled with wasps. The digger wasp is used in these crackers, and they apparently have really sharp stingers.


7.Escargots à la bourguignonne:In France cooked snails are a common dish. Thier texture seems to be pretty




8.Crocodile: Crocodile meat is found in many places around the world. It is said to have a taste like a mix between chicken and crab.

9.Whale:Is a very rare meat to have in many countries. People eat the blubber, the skin and the organs.


Snake-wine3.jpg (474×398)

10.Snake Wine:In Vietnam and in China they sell snake wine in pubs. They mix snake body fluids like blood with alcohol.

We interviewed several students who attend Harvest Middle School, and asked them “What is the strangest food they’ve ever eaten”. The results were…

Hailey: Lamb stomach

Abby: Fried Crickets

Miss Zorn: Alligator

Alma: Frog legs

Adan: Snails

Lane: Snails

Logan: 3 year old dried tomato



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