HMS Volley Ball Team!

Here at HMS we have started a Volley Ball Team, and they have just started practice on February 10th. They have practice Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,and Fridays at 3:15-5:00. February 24 they are getting their Team Jerseys! Question 1:If you had another chance to play volleyball would you? Larissa says “YES!!!!” Question 2:What do you like about Volleyball? “Volleyball is fun! You can play and hangout with your friends!” Then we went to C5 To interview Valerie,Emma, and Illiana and we asked the same questions. “Volleyball is okay..” says Valerie and Emma, “I like it a lot!!” says Illiana  “Many 8th graders got changed to the 7th grade team so it’s mixed of 8th and 7th for one team and just 8th for another team.”- Valerie. “I would but not for the school”-Emma “Yeah not for the school but Napa High would probably be fun!”-Valerie. When they are getting ready to go to practice they must go to the locker room and then go into the gym, they set up the volleyball net by themselves and they get ready to practice their routines. They have been working extremely hard because they had a game on March 2nd here at Harvest Middle School’s Gym against Silverado Middle School’s Volleyball team. Unfortunately Harvest lost against Silverado. I asked Katie Johnson and Gaby Lopez if they would play volleyball next year or in high school “No.I wouldn’t do it next year or in High school because i want to do jazz in high school.”-Gaby Lopez “I don’t do sports but if i had to then yes.”-Katie Johnson.