AVID Stays Strong at HMS


Cole Brown photo

AVID Students interacting with Ms.Zorn

 Here at HMS we have had AVID for many years. AVID Stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

 We have four AVID teachers Ms. Pridy, Ms. Gould, Ms. Thornburg and Ms. Zorn.   

AVID helps students who need some extra help says Ms. Pridy.  AVID can help students with note taking and organization.  In response to the question what the hardest thing about being a teacher, Ms.Pridy said wanting to help all your students but not being able to individually help them all.

I also asked Ms. Thornburg a few questions.  One of the questions I asked was if she thought all students should be taking AVID she said yes.

 She also said that AVID helps students get excited for college, “They look up colleges they start thinking about their goals.”  Said Ms.Thornburg 8th grade math and AVID teacher.

 I visited an AVID classroom for a little while and I noticed that the students use TRFs (Tutorial Request Form) to help their learning. TRF’s can better a student’s learning by asking a question and breaking it down to find the answer.

Students in Ms.Zorns AVID class participating in close reading.
Cole Brown photo
Students in Ms. Zorn’s AVID class participating in close reading.