New Wellness Center

New Wellness Center

A new wellness center was built here at Harvest. It is in E-8 and E-9, it holds two conference rooms three counselling offices and a very big nurse office.

Ms.Gregorio, Mr. Martinez, Ms.Julie, Alli Stanfield, Jamie Mojica(nurse) and Debbie O’Hare (nurse) are the staff who work in the center.

The offices were moved out of the front office because it is a bigger space and can offer more resources. Adriana Jimenez community parent liaison is now in the nurses old office.

Do you like the new wellness center “yes”-Valerie B.

“Yes, its more profesh”-Emma Lopez

“No it’s inconvenient”- Yilliana Perez

The official opening day is march 10 but it is already open for students.


Thursday March tenth 2016 was the wellness centers ribbon cutting ceremony/ opening ceremony. Many people from the district office  were there. It was very successful and there was a great out come.