Hawk Eye Student Store

Hawk Eye Student Store

Hawk eyes are tickets given out to students displaying one or more of the ten IB traits. These traits include caring, reflective, thinker, principled, risk-taker, balanced, inquirer, communicator, open-minded, and knowledgeable. With these tickets students are able to trade in their hawk eyes for whatever the specific teacher has to offer. The new hawk eye student store will allow students will be able to purchase school supplies and other fun things with their own hawk eyes.


Hawk eye Menu:IMG_1851 (2)

Red pens

Mechanical pencils

Pencil pouches


ID pencil sharpener/eraser

Swirl gel pens


NFL dog tags

Cap erasers

Spiral notebooks

Twin pocket folders

Velcro wallets

String bracelet/ jumbo bracelets

Smart phone hand stand

Ear buds


Hawk Silly Prices(coming soon):

No homework pass(math)

Fast pass ticket for milk  break or lunch

Time with Lexie the dog therapist

Hold a chicken (or other classroom pet)

Dress up as Harvey the Hawk for a school function

Say Pledge of Allegiance on the announcements