Pi Day at HMS 2016


Monday, March 14th was Pi day. HMS planned a Pi filled day with many actives.

During Milk Break there was Pi Recitation in the quad at the stage To participate you would have to recite as many Pi numbers as possible s to a math teacher.pi3

During Lunch was the Hula Hoop contest, anybody could participate. Later there was an assembly where we got called from 4th period to go the Big/Old gym. After we were seated, Mr. Lewis started talking and explained what the events were going to be.

The assembly events were: The Pi Relay Race,  where teams must walk back and forth on the gym floor with a book on there head, and then putting Pi numbers in the correct order on an easel; The Hula Hoop Finals were next, all the students who won during Milk Break competed for the champion; The Pi eating contest, this is where students must not use their hands and use their faces to find a Life Saver candy somewhere in a chocolate cream pie.

Schedule of events:

Milk Break – Pi Recitation at the stage

Austin Bates rectitude 35 numbers of pi, Jordan Samatovic got 43 numbers far, Jordan Rubio was a close second with 61 numbers, Avery Keenly rectitude the most numbers this year with 62 numbers.

Lunch Hula Hoop Contest

Many people hula hooped but only 6 people were left to hula hoop at the finals;
6th Grade – Jennifer Laightion & Sydney Lowey
7th Grade – Charlie Blancherd & Yessiana Contreras & Destiny McGregor
8th Grade – Vanessa Hernandez

Assembly – Pi Relay & Pi Eating Contest & Hula Hoop Finals

Pi Relay winner- 8th Graders won

Hula Hoops Finals winner – 7th Grade Charlie Blancherd


Pi Eating Contest –
8th Grade team – led by Mrs. Thonrburg
7th Grade team – led by Mrs. Lewis
6th Grade team – led by Mrs. Momsen