Favorite Things To Do In Summer… According To HMS Students!


It is almost the end of the 2015-16 school year and summer is just around the corner. As the anticipation grows and the countdown to summer begins, many people start thinking about what they will do in the upcoming summer vacation. We were curious to know what most students would be doing so, we went around to a few Harvest Middle School students and asked them all the same question: What are your favorite things to do in summer? We got a wide variety of activities that they partake in. Here are the results:

“Go swimming.”- Patrick G. 7th Grade

“I like to swim.”- Yelsie C. 7th Grade

“I like to see family and go to the beach.”- Hayden R. 7th Grade

“I am also looking forward to staying up late.”- Hayden R. 7th Grade

“I like to eat and watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.”- Valerie B. 8th Grade

“I also like to go to Six Flags.”- Valerie B. 8th Grade

“I like to go to Six Flags, Great America, Disney World/Land and Universal Studios.”- Emma 8th Grade

” My favorite thing to do in summer is to go to the beach.”- Brooke K. 7th Gradecaptiva-beach-captiva_54_990x660_201404211817





Well, now you know what some of the HMS students are going to be doing in summer!