Controllable Roaches


A company named “Backyard Brains” created a phone controlled roach. The roaches have an electronic backpack which has a wire connected to their thorax and another one connected to their right and left antenna.

You can buy a Roboroach for $100 at the ¨Backyard Brains¨ website. The app is called ¨BYB Romote¨ with this app your able to control your roaches. The options you have are very simple, left and right. Since roaches are cold blooded, you are able to put the roaches in ice cold water to be able to go on with the surgery. The cold water helps the roaches relax and when they are relaxed you are able to poke the small holes into them.

This roach is able to help you learn about the anatomy and nervous system of a roach and you will also learn the right proper surgery techniques for experiments on different insects of your choice. Another thing you will observe is the adaptation of the roach in response to the backpack.

The RoboRoach “backpack” weighs 4.4 grams with the battery, and every battery will last a little over a month. After 2-7 days, the roaches have to retire, you put the roach back into your breeder colony.