6 of the Strangest Animals on Earth

6 of the Strangest Animals on Earth

The Earth is a home of many different species, including a large variety of animals, some of which may seem stranger than others.

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1.The Goblin Shark:  These interesting looking sharks come in colors ranging from grey to pink and, have a long, flat snout that really makes them stand out.  Their weirdest feature is the fact that their mouth can extend outward from it’s body and is able to move by itself.These sharks can be found off the shore of Japan, but there is minimal research on them.

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2. The Star-Nosed Mole: This mole has one of the most bizarre noses. It’s nose has 22 little appendages that act like ultra-sensitive fingers. They are usually found in low moist places in east Canada and northeastern United states.

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3. The Satanic Leaf-Tail Gecko:

This gecko has the amazing ability of blending into dry, rotting leaves because of it’s physical appearance in which resembles the leaves perfectly.  They can be found in the rain forests of Madagascar, and tend to be a popular pet.

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4. The Venezuelan Poodle Moth:

These fluffy moths were found in Venezuela. They were first identified in 2009.

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5.The Blob Fish:

The blob fish can be found in the deep waters of Australia. It grows to about a foot long and is made of mostly gelatinous flesh. Even though it looks really strange, it is actually pretty harmless.

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6. The Naked Mole Rat:

The naked mole rat has very little hair and comes in the color pinkish-gray. They can be found in East Africa,Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.