10 Fun facts about Butterflies you didn’t know


You may know butterflies as our flying flowers!

1.)As you know butterflies are one of the most vibrant insects around. Actually you can see as they get older their wings start to leave see through patches.

2.)Butterflies have receptors in their feet to find food. A female taps here feet on the plant to release its juices.

3.)Butterflies live on an all liquid diet. Their proboscis acts like a straw to help them drink the nectar.

4.)An adult butterflies first job is to make sure its proboscis is working, because a butterfly without being able to drink nectar is doomed.

5.)Butterflies cannot just live off of sugar alone they need the minerals that are in water.

6.)Butterflies can’t fly if their cold, because their cold blooded so they can’t regulate their body temperature.

7.)As a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis it can’t fly right away it has to wait until its wings are full expanded.

8.)Once a butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis it only has a few short weeks to live, but if the time they are still in their chrysalis buy winter like monarchs they can live up to nine months.

9.)Butterflies can see perfectly up until 10 to 12 feet. Butterflies us their eye site for many important things such as finding the same species to mate with. Butterflies can see ultraviolet rays that we can’t see.

10.)Butterflies in order to stay alive they fold their wings to blend into their surroundings.