Professor Andrew Hendry Speaks at Harvest

Biology researcher visits 7th grade science classes

Hendry1-300x279The current unit of study in 7th grade science, adaptation, is the topic of research for Science Professor Andrew Hendry of UC Berkeley. Hendry visited Harvest to talk about adaptation in the Galapagos Islands and other places of research. He spoke to nine different classes.

He explained the influence of the ocean and the different seasons. There are a lot of unique species found only on these islands. He referred to the Darwin finch, the very animal that interested Darwin.

He also explained the different aspects of his research and the various tools used to collect information.

These islands have never been connected to the mainland meaning that the flora and fauna would have had to fly, swim or drift there. This means that very few animals get there.

The voyage of the HMS Beagle (his majesty’s ship) with Charles Darwin is the 1800s took him to the Galapagos islands where the theory of adaptation and evolution was born. Since then hundreds of scientists have visited and developed the same interest as Darwin nearly 200 years ago.

Now to the seventh graders, was it worth it? Would you have him talk again? Comment below to express your feelings.