Why are Video Games so Addicting to Young Minds?

Why are Video Games so Addicting to Young Minds?

Kids ranging from all ages love to play on game consoles such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4. Many parent’s use these games as a reward for their child doing things such as their homework, using the consoles as rewards. Some people wonder, what is so addicting about these games?

One of the reason’s that the games are so addictive, is because they are made to be. Video game designers set out to make money, and the way they do that is to make their games so addictive so that children play them, and spend their money to buy them. This means that the designers, or stores that sell the games, can charge over $50 for one game and people will buy it.

Another reason these games are so addictive is because of the challenge. Whenever you play a good game you always want to continue it, or find out the ending of the game, or see how high of a score you can get. Competition is another reason. When kids all around the world are brought into the game to fight each other in a sort of combat, the kids want nothing but to beat everyone and gain the reward or prize that the game gives.

Some games such as GTA5 are more violent games and addict more older minds, but also some younger ones. Some games like GTA is famous for it’s sense of adventure. Going online, you can find cheats and completely change some things in the game. Or you can just roam around and do whatever you please. However, there is also a “Online” option that you can chose and it will let you communicate with other players, all you need is a Mic. and a controller and you can make friends pretty much anywhere online.

A lot of the challenges that parents face is getting their children away from the games. There have been some cases where people have died due to their addiction of games. For instance, parents of a newborn baby let their child die due to not feeding it, or themselves because they were so addicted to a certain game.

Other cases, people have starved themselves due to the fact that they don’t want to waste another second of not playing the game.

Some of the newer games can be dangerous for this reason, but the game makers are set on making money and this is how they do this.

So, when you play a game, what makes you never want to leave it?