Day of the Child

Day of the Child

On Saturday May 14, 2016, Harvest Middle School hosted an event called Day of the Child. At Day of the Child there are many activities to attend to.

You could go get your face painted or you could go get henna! You could also go to the Gym and Ms. Rechbong set up many obstacles that could run through it was incredibly fun!

You also had a chance to win cupcakes, cookies, rice krispies etc. at the Cake Walk! Many people were fond of “Tacos Melody”. Larissa Contreras said “The tacos were delicious! Especially with onion, cilantro, and all the other thing you could put on it!, but the henna was sadly not very great..”

Diana Avina said “THE TACOS WERE AMAZING!!!!”

Gaby Lopez said “The tacos the shaved ice and the henna was so much fun!”

Ricardo Tinajero said ” The gym was fun… I did the wood peg thingy multiple times and yeah.”

Melody Ibarra, the second place winner of the HMS Talent Show winner  sang, as well as Jaime Torres the third place winner of HMS Talent Show sang at Day of the Child.

At the end of Day of the Child, ours truly, Ms. Hurtado sang a song to end the day. Everyone at the HMS Day of the Child had a blast. I personally can’t wait for the next Day of the Child!!