The Harvest Mathletes Take Home First Place!


On Monday May 16, 2016, four 8th grade girls, Lena Dempsky, Jessica Keane, Meena Khan, Molly McGrath and seventh grade math teacher, Mr. Lewis, won first place at the fourth annual Mathletes at the reigning champion middle school, Redwood Middle School.

Harvest, along with River, Redwood, and American Canyon competed against each other with problems like, “When three dice are rolled, what is the probability that the product of the three numbers rolled is a prime number? Express your answer as a common fraction.”

Eleven of these problems were individual and had to be solved without calculators in a 30 minute time period before the work had to be turned in. After that, each team had 30 minutes to solve a big problem with calculators, then turn in one paper to be scored.

After the papers had been scored, it was declared a three-way tie for 1st place, Harvest being one of them. For the tie breaker, each team had to complete one problem that they only had 15 minutes to solve.

The Harvest team triumphed over all and accomplished the achievement of first place for the 2016 Mathletes. Congratulations!

Meena Khan, Jessica Keane, and Molly McGrath hold the trophy for First Place in the 2016 Mathletes competition.