7th Grade Field Trip to See the Oakland A’s


On the 18th of May 2016, seventh graders from Harvest Middle School took a trip to the the Oakland Athletics’ stadium to watch the game. It was against the Rangers and the A’s won 8 to 1.

They field trip was scheduled to appreciate the students hard work this school year with a field trip. Students traveled from HMS to the stadium by way of buses, both charter buses and classic yellow school  buses.

You should care about this because if you are a sixth grader, at HMS then you will now have at least one thing to look forward to next year! Everybody else who is an A’s fan should care about this also since they won the game.

Student Comments:

Rhiannon Douglass: “Yeah, it was fun because we were walking around the whole time”

Emma Swafford: “I had a very fun time”

Aspen Hendry: “It was well planned”

Brooke Knauer: “I thought it was a very fun field trip”