Why Have There Been So Many Wildfires, and How Can We Prevent Them?

Napa County wildfire 2015

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California is notorious for wildfires, especially in the dry season of summer when no rainfall is present. Sometimes wildfires are caused by human interaction with the environment or sometimes they may be caused by natural reasons. For example, a lightning strike making contact with the ground. As this is very unlikely in Napa, California since the most rainfall we get is in the cold seasons of Fall and Winter, it could still be a possibility for the cause of fires.

Our Hawk staff went around interviewing different teachers about their perspectives on wildfires. Here are the results:

Question: What do you think could be the cause of so many wildfires?                                                                                     Answer by Mr. Meeks: “There could be many reasons, some natural some involving human error. There was a recent fire they predicted that it was started by false hot tub wiring and thus a fire was started, or other fires, the most recent fire was caused by a pyromaniac or even someone who was careless with a cigarette. There could be different reasons for all of them.”

Question: Why do you think California is the birth place of so many wildfires?                                                                        Answer by Mrs. Hurtado: “The wind that Napa and other surrounding cities hasn’t been helpful for the fires, but mostly because California is dry and we’ve been in a drought for so long that it’s become a great place for fires to start.”

Question: What can we do to prevent wildfires?                                                                                                                                Answer by Mrs. Griegg and Mr. Scharff: “It depends on how each wildfire starts. If we told people not to be so careless, like with people who smoke and just throw their cigarette’s on the ground, or for people who go camping and just start a fire that spreads into a major fatal fire. Some are just natural and can’t be prevented, while others are caused by careless people it’s very difficult to prevent a fire. Mostly they are caused by human error but sometimes that can’t be helped. But to have a good chance of preventing fires, probably just being more cautious as humans.”

As you can see, some answer’s were different than others, but overall we all know that fires are dangerous to society. There can be many things to be done about wildfires, but once one starts, they can prove to be difficult to stop so no damage can be caused.

We as humans and as a civilization could be more cautious about what things we throw out of our car windows, or even if we’re having a family barbecue. It’s always good to be cautious. So, what do you think is the main cause for wildfires and what do you think we can do to prevent them? Comment below.